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Experience Unforgettable Group Walking Holidays in Ilfracombe, UK

If you're looking for the perfect destination to embark on a group walking holiday, look no further than the picturesque town of Ilfracombe, located on the stunning North Devon coast. With its breathtaking landscapes and a myriad of walking trails, Ilfracombe offers an unforgettable experience, and Marine Court is ideal to accommodate mixed groups of between 10 and 20 people, in comfort. Group walking holidays are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this charming coastal town.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, Ilfracombe offers a range of walking trails that cater to all levels of experience.

Why Choose Ilfracombe for Your Group Walking Holiday?

Ilfracombe is a hidden gem nestled on the North Devon coast, boasting picturesque views, rugged cliffs, and breathtaking coastal paths. Here are a few reasons why it's the ideal destination for your group walking holiday:

  1. Scenic Trails: Explore the South West Coast Path, which stretches for miles along the stunning coastline, offering panoramic views of the sea and surrounding countryside.
  2. Variety of Routes: Ilfracombe offers a diverse range of walking routes, from leisurely strolls along the beach to challenging hikes up the hills. There's something for everyone!
  3. Local Attractions: After a day of walking, you can unwind and explore the town's attractions, including the historic harbour, art galleries, and charming cafes.

The Benefits of Group Walking Holidays

Group walking holidays provide a fantastic opportunity to explore nature, enjoy the company of friends or like-minded individuals, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some reasons why group walking holidays are a great choice:

  1. Shared Experiences: Walking together as a group allows you to bond, share stories, and create lasting connections with fellow walkers. It's a chance to enjoy the company of friends and make new ones along the way.
  2. Safety and Support: Walking in a group provides an added layer of safety and support. You can rely on each other for navigation, encouragement, and assistance if needed. It's a great way to boost confidence, especially for those who are new to hiking.
  3. Discover Hidden Gems: Exploring Ilfracombe with a group allows you to discover hidden gems and lesser-known trails that you might not have come across on your own. With the collective knowledge of the group, you can uncover the town's best-kept secrets.

Why Choose Marine Court for Your Group Stay?

When it comes to accommodation for your group walking holiday in Ilfracombe, Marine Court is an excellent choice. Here's why:

  1. Spacious and Comfortable: Marine Court offers spacious and flexible self-catering accommodation with 8 bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom and smart TV. This ensures that everyone in your group has their own private space to relax and unwind after a day of walking.
  2. Fully Equipped: The self-catering accommodation at Marine Court is fully equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. From a well-appointed kitchen to a cozy living area, you'll have everything you need to make yourselves at home.
  3. Convenient Location: Marine Court is ideally located in close proximity to the town centre and the beautiful coastal paths of Ilfracombe. This allows for easy access to the walking trails, local attractions, and dining options. We have local maps and guides available for you to plan your walks.
  4. Flexibility: The self-catering nature of Marine Court gives you the flexibility to cook your meals according to your preferences and dietary requirements, or order a convenient delivery and eat in together. It also offers communal spaces where your group can come together to enjoy meals and socialize.

"This was the best accommodation set up we had stayed in and we have holidayed together many times."

Sources of Information and Routes

  • Visit Ilfracombe: Visit Ilfracombe provides a wealth of information, including links to town trails, phototrails, and local nature reserves. You can find more information on their website.
  • North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: The North Devon Coast AONB offers various leaflets and maps that you can download. They provide a range of walks, including wildlife trails and walks exploring the wartime history of North Devon. You can find more information on their website.
  • Exmoor Walks: The website is an excellent resource for finding step-free and stile-free walks in the area. They provide suggestions for shorter and longer walks, making it suitable for everyone. All the walks are downloadable for easy use.
  • Komoot: Komoot is a great website and phone app for planning your walks and discovering recommendations from others. On Komoot, you'll find a variety of walks of varying difficulty and distance in and around Ilfracombe. You can visit their website for more information.
  • The Exmoor Coaster: The Exmoor Coaster offers spectacular open-top bus rides along the North Devon Coast, providing a convenient option for taking a one-way walk and returning by bus. You can find more information¬†and timetables on the First Bus website.

Explore Ilfracombe Together and Create Lasting Memories

With its stunning coastal landscapes, scenic walking trails, and the comfort of Marine Court's self-catering accommodation, Ilfracombe is the perfect destination for your group walking holiday. Gather your friends, lace up your walking boots, and embark on an adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Remember to pack your sense of adventure and get ready to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Ilfracombe. Happy walking!


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